Art of War Studios #M3E Token Review

Its that time of year again, when I get over excited by the products being peddle by those lovely chaps over at AoWS.

Its been 3 years since we first looked at what these guys could do with some arcylic and a laser. A lot has changed in that time;

We have a new edition of M3E, I have another child, I cant remember which masters I havent played……

Anyway, the AoWS guys have dropped some new shiny M3E related products and lets just say from those early/innocent times they have upped their game!!

I will be looking at 3 different products today;

We have the Malifaux Core Set which clocks in at Β£12.99, then we have a Strategy Marker set for Β£2.75 and finally we have perhaps the most important one for M3E the Condition set coming in at Β£5.99 but also available to buy in seperate chunks.


First up then the Strategy Marker set, nothing ground-breaking just 6 really nice markers that will help differentiate between your schemes and strats. Most games you will only need 5 on the whole but some redundancy going into when Gaining Grounds eventually drops is a nice touch and means if you have a touch of the OCD needing one more shouldn’t be an issue πŸ™‚

The Condition set is amazing value as it covers ALL the new generic conditions in the game and gives you a nice amount of all of them. Admittedly if you are playing Kaeris, Brewie or the Good Doctor McM you may not have enough tokens. Likewise for the masters that can spam condition X you may want to pick up extras.

But when it is 75p for 5 tokens I thinks its amazing value when you need more!!

I will say this, my colour schemes in Malifaux are generally muted! But after using these sets, I feel I have died and gone to Skittle heaven πŸ™‚

The little details that all these have are amazing and I cant say how happy I am with them!

With all the changes to Malifaux we have seen, it has made AoWS tweak their core set and think its for the better. Could the conditions have been wrapped into it? Yes but that would have upped the cost to something many wouldnt have liked (cheap Yorkshireman here).

But it has meant that the core box is exactly that it gives you enough of everything that a starting player will need to get going.

Yes if you are a resser player you wont have enough corpse markers (when do they ever?) but the average crew should be ok with 6 knowing that most crews can sit in the 8ish models bracket (ignores Hamelin) if you need more than 6 you have probably already well into end game already.

But the fact you get 10 soulstones and a nice shockwave marker now its all good

Anyone need a hand?

Now there are lots of ways of painting these, but I have to shout out the method the AoWS guys told me which is paint them with the cover paper still on. makes things much less messy πŸ™‚

The whole collection

I think the only thing I would have liked is for the schemes and strategy markers in my sets to be very different colours. I mean the symbols are very clear but I am an idiot and in the heat of losing mistakes could happen. Plus I want more rainbow on my gaming boards


For just over Β£20 you are going to have plenty of tokens that will cover all malfiax players. It is only specific masters that need more of X or Y. For any player starting out or in need of a refresh of tokens I really cant say how highly I rate the guys of AoWS and the fact that they have improved their products over the years speaks of experience and understanding of the games they are creating for. That is always a good thing πŸ™‚

Discuss awaaaaayyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy

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