Dominion of Sigmar: The Enduring Stormvault Review

BEHOLD THE GLORY OF SIGMA…… <cough> <cough> <cough>

Sorry about that, welcome to another review this time we are going to be looking at some terrain.

But not any terrain but the new AoS terrain from GW thanks to the guys at Triple Helix for sorting us out with this. As we have seen recently GW just keep stepping up their model game. The latest 40K mechanicum terrain is amazingly detailed but AoS has been left alone for a long time outside of the faction specific pieces till now! The Stormvault has landed and my word does it land with an almighty crash!

The size of the box is terrifying and I believe it is bigger than most other boxes we have seen (GW being very keen on the set sizes across the range). It towers over a warlord titan for instance (picture may or may not be of a titanicus model). It is also sturdy for a box which I will come back to at the end.

When we crack open the box we get the usual instruction manual (SHOCK) and also lots and lots of plastic!

I mean a lot of plastic, these are just the pieces that needed to be on a spure. We get duplicates of the pillar spure but apart from that we get one of everything

Something I will say, having not too much experience with the newer terrain from GW is a note of caution. The plastic is much thicker than on a normal model and I do wonder if it is a slight variation on the normal stuff. I mean it still sticks with plastic glues but it can be tougher to get off the spure than I was expecting. But then I was expecting the same stuff as say the Atalans I have looked at recently.

However, with that in mind the details are still very very crisp and for something that is perhaps a piece you dont spend too long looking at compared to your latest character model the level is frankly jawdropping.

The larger platforms are exactly that! Large and cover a decent area of a board but not only that the height they offer is massive. You can easily hide a lot of normal human sized models behind one of them. In fact even a Stormcast/space marine is going to get decent cover from it.

So overall as 1 piece of terrain it almost spreads across a 3 foot expanse and about a foot wide. This is a significant amount of plastic! Any larger game is going to like this on the table as it will split a table up really well.

But being a skirmisher player as well I couldnt resist seeing what else I can do with this kit. I admit I have chopped up one of the platforms just to expand what I was looking for.

As you can see the kit expands out to a 3×3 box really and for the basis of a ruined temple board I think this is an amazing start. it could easily work for the likes of malifaux and similar systems.

Now for something like Infinity you will need some more terrain, but I think it could easily be added to with some foliage or even some more of the 40K terrain. I can picture an archaeology dig going on with this really easily.

Finally, a note about that sturdy box, once everything is built. It still all fits in the box still. Which as a storage solution I can get on board with as sometimes all the really nice terrain takes up a load of space.


So at a cost of £71.25 from our friends over at Triple Helix it isnt the cheapest set of terrain you can have but space it covers and the cool things it can lead to. I think again GW have smashed it out of the park and it is well worth looking into if you are needing a new board of terrain.

Discuss awaaaaayyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy

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