Atalan Jackals review

Got my hands on the Jackals box this week, as always thanks to our friends at Triple Helix..


These guys are so cool and next to the Ridgerunner perhaps my favourite release GW have done this year.

Anyway onto the review, the box is as per all other GW kits, so pretty painted models, with the new look of now terrain to distract you. Just the shiny models to grab you attention, I like this move by GW as the models pop more on the dark background.

The instructions are great as always and like any GW kit with have plenty of options to set up your bikes.

I will say it is a little hard to do anything with the bikes beyond the carriage area at the back of them. But with some careful positioning you will be able to get them sliding around dirt bike style.

We get 2 spures in the kit with everything packed in tight, something that makes me very happy is that all the wheels are 1 piece no more gluing endless wheels together for me 🙂

I like that the bikes are very simple which works for what they are and allows space for a very cool quadbike (with some amazing details).

You get all the options you would need for the quad and riders themsleves.

Something that strikes me as realy helpful but also fsutrating is that each bike has an arm/handle bar section.

Now this makes it easy to line up you joints on the models and also easier to allow separate painting of bike and rider.

But it then limits what the riders could be doing without some extra work. I would have loved an extra handle bar section with no arms.

As lets face it everyone wants a double pistol toting rider in their force? No? Just me then…

Altogether, the bikes are really really easy to throw together and provide plenty of options as far as heads/arms/extras go.

The quad is a little more indepth as far as the build goes, something I didnt look into is how well it magnetizes up for the different gun options. But thats for another time, as lets be honest a giant laser is always going to win in the cool stakes..

So something that I am working on is the fact my cult is a Rogue Machine cult infected with a Chaos Computer Virus.

I struggled to fit these guys in but that was easlily sorted as I had spare Goliath heads, I mean surely bionic hair and jaws with be easily corrupted right?

Listen to the molars/follicles…


So as a kit the price point of £24.38 (from our friends at THG) it is hitting that mid range for a kit, but it is a very cool kit that lends itself really well to other systems outside of 40K (Gaslands anyone?). But I think with some conversion they could work in Guard force or even an Ork force the bikes are perfect for Grot riders 🙂

Discuss awaaaaayyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy

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