A Toe into Gunpla

I have for those that dont follow me on social media been dipping my toe into Gunpla (Gundam Mobile Suit plastic models).

This is down to finding a cool little ruleset called Mobile Suit Skirmish, it’s a free set and has a nice FB and forum community.

But I will be covering them in a different post, eventually.

I have been watching a fair amount of Gundam recently started with Iron Blooded Orphans and then backwards to the original series.

I am also, almost finished Unicorn which is on Netflix at the moment, who doesn’t love big stompy robots that beat the living hell out of each other? So with free rules and wanting to try my hand at these kits I dived in.

The first kit I went for was Astaroth who is from a side story of IBO but has a cool sword 🙂 I am going to be going over the kit as a wargamer, as that’s what I know and as cool as some of the super high grade kits are I am going to be looking at a 1/144 scale kit. As that’s what I will be using for the game and keeps the storage footprint lower 😀

The artwork is amazing, which you would expect and the photos are of the model you are building (no photoshop).

The instructions are indepth and despite the language barrier there are no problems following them.

The plastics themself are interesting, it isn’t GW plastic but it’s been so long since I did Airfix I cant say if its similar.

What I can say is that it is certainly decent and the detail is nice. It isn’t GW class but this is a sub-£15 price kit and the details suit the type of model we are working towards.

Nice little details, is nice..

As for the build it is a very easy and I can see why snap-fit is becoming popular with the likes of GW. This was great fun and the articulation that even this level of kit can do is just stunning!!

So here he is, strutting his funky stuff;

Have had a great evening building him and I already have a second kit on the way. That I plan to paint up, which will be something new again as I plan to paint before building :O

I dont have many Kaiju models so a Bloodthirster will need to do.

Discuss awaaaaayyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy

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