Skulls For The Hobby God

A quick fire review today, got my hands on the Skull box from GW.

I will be honest I was unsure about the kit, as we all know that GW have a deep love of Skulls so surely a box of them is overkill?

Pretty small box arrived and well its skulls 😀

340!!! 340 skulls?!! that is actually insane amount.

We get 4 spures worth of skulls spread across nicely between the human skulls through to the more crazy ones.

The quality of the kit is standard GW, which means excellent. The dragon(?) head is pretty immense and is going to look great on equally large kits (we are talking monster levels here)..

so.many.skulls, the human spure is really nice and is obviously where the numbers come from as you get buckets of them. I am really impressed with how much they have wedged into that spure.

Some nice daemon skulls, shame it doesn’t cover all the gods but decent choices to be had. The separate jaw bones, is well mad….I mean jaw bone options for those models that got the note wrong and jaws for the jaw god not skull?!

The final part is more 40k based with the Kroot/nid skulls, but still some nice options across the different systems with the ork skulls to use.

I admit this isn’t the most exciting of kits to look through, but the level of detail is good (should be with all the skull practice GW sculptors get 😉 ).

The amount of possibilities for this set is spot on and I hope to show some more of them off in the next few weeks. Including the proxy Bloodthirster and the Flesheater court throne terrain piece I am making.

For the amazing price of less than a character model for GW, you are getting plenty of options to play around with.

Go check them out from out friends at Triple Helix, Skulls for the Hobby God

Discuss awaaaaayyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy

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