The Other Side First Thoughts

So this week got to play TOS from Wyrd. As my FLGS Leodis Games got their retail pack from the Kickstarter.

It was the Cult of the Burning Man vs Abysinnia.

The mechanic and therefore the game is really quick and even doubling up the armies to be full sized (2 commanders not 1) I dont think the game will slow down too much.

The mechanics are similar to what you see in malifaux. But there are some variations such as the “attacker” always cheats first.

While a control hand doesn’t replenish automatically you need to spend tactical points. Which are the limiting resource of the game. A little like soulstones.

The reinforcement mechanic also meant that to take out a unit could be difficult unless you nailed a duel against your opponent. As all units can replenish wounds/troops.

Now as a first go it was a fun game, but our over riding thoughts came back to; it’s not Malifaux!!

This is the main problem, for some of its issues Malifaux is an amazing setting and game. The fact Wyrd is seen as Malifaux means any new game is at a disadvantage, this new game almost sticks in the throat of being similar yet so very different.

Would I recommend the game? Yes and no, above any game you need to try / watch some videos of this.

It sits in an odd place as there has been such a move away from 6×4 games from producers for wyrd to do this is surprising.

The models are lovely and the fire team multi base thing is going to make for some amazing modelling fun in the shape of mini dioramas.

For me the game judgement is still inconclusive, i want to give it another go and the starter sets although on the higher price side are still great value are also worth looking into.

What perhaps surprises me the most is a lack of 2 player starter..

2 thoughts on “The Other Side First Thoughts

  1. Well perhaps because they Kickstartered this first, they didn’t do the 2 person. I wouldn’t be surprised if it were coming, but then you’d either have to do a version for each faction, or find two factions people wanted to play the most

    I’m actually glad it’s *not* Malifaux just because my #2 son doesn’t care for it, or how it’s played, sadly. And he’s really taken with Burning Man lol sooo We’re prolly going to be dipping into it in the new year

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