So what do crazy bloodlust nutters of Khorne need? Thats right, even bigger nutters with chain skipping rope….

Time to look at the Wrathmonger kit.


Standard fair on the front of the box. Lovely looking models as always


However on the back, we discover that we have a dual kit in which we can build ourselves some Skullreapers as well!! I do love a dual kit as that usually means bits for the bits box. With GW moving towards a lot of snap-fit kits anything to allow easier conversions is a plus for me!!

So we get 3 spures in the box, with the parts spread across the different ones.


That banner is going to look great on any unit! While the ‘normal’ weapons all look suitably Khorney (it’s a word).


The Wrathmonger chains spure is very erm… chainy! I will be honest I was really surprised by the robustness of the chains, yes they could snap eventually but these are going to stand up well really. GW have clearly thought about the use of these.


The final sprue is aimed at the Skullreapers and all the daemon weapons which do look bad-ass and are going to be great fun painting.

Now for some close-ups and I have to say this isn’t a super new kit like the Warlord titan but the little details are there and they are sexy.


As mentioned the chains are not as bad as I feared and they are not going to need lots of thinking about for storage/actual use.


The building was pretty straight forward, the balance on the whole is good doe some top-heavy dynamic models. I could have been tempted to alter some poses, for instance the leader does look like he is skipping a little but that could have been easily tweaked but I like to build as instructions for these posts.


Now that has left me with a lot of extra bits;

Daemon weapons, torsos, heads, banners and shoulder pads. I have something special coming up in which I try to maximise what I am getting out of this kit so watch out for that.


A great set of models that fit perfectly into any Khorne force. In fact these would work in 40K as well with minimum effort.

So for the price of £26 from our friends over at Triple Helix Wargames, you are getting a decent unit but also a load of characterful extras to make use of for conversions across the Khorne range.

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