Zarbag’s Gitz Review

I have been playing Shadespire for a while now, yes I said Shadespire! It’s not Underworlds and no one can make me change my mind 😛

I find the game a great pallette cleanse of a game, quick to set up plenty of depth in cards and easy to change things up.

Now I admit I havent gone too deep with the game mainly getting back with the warband boxes I own. But with the updated rules and of course spells becoming a thing I had to get my hands on some new shiny. Step forward the Gitz I mean it had to be them right?! Everyone loves sexy goblins…

The first thing that strikes me is the box is not the usual one for a GW miniature, however as this is aimed elsewhere it makes sense. The artwork is still top-notch with Zarbag front and centre..


While the back gives you a nice look at the model, as well as what else you get in the box!


Time to dive into the box, you get a nice little instruction booklet for the models and 2 thick card decks.20181017_1848189057372838892311809.jpg

Really I was surprised by the volume for them, I will let better players discuss deck building etc. but even if you just have the box plus some dice you are going to have plenty of variation in your decks at least for a little while.


Speaking of the cards, something that came out on social media on was the cards being slightly different especially on the back.


I can report that all mine where OK and matched before shadespire and night vault cards.

Next we have the instruction book which is full of CAD pictures to help you build which has become the norm for GW so no surprises here.

As we are seeing more often with GW (and all shadespire stuff) it is snap-fit models and some of the connections can be really really weird. Because of this some of them can be hard to get into position to be perfect and leaves gaps. With this kit however I didn’t really see this so huge thumbs up from me.

Next we have the models themselves which come on 1 sprue and with the numbering system being sensible, you don’t necessarily need the instructions as for instance Zarbag is number 1 to 6 and so on (it’s a small thing but I have seen sprues that dont do this all the time).


The choice of colour is an interesting one, as well it’s not pretty. As it makes the models look softer than they are. So some of the sharp detail you wont necessary see pop until they are painted. Which isn’t a bad thing to encourage painting but the problem is there.

Now for some rogues gallery of Gitz..


Yes I did double-check that the actual size photo was correct 😀 Lovely model though.


The most fiddly model to build due to the chain, but its a Fanatic so we will forgive him.


Squig herder….heavy armoured herder at that. A fun model but not what we are excited about really…





Plastic squigs!!!!!! How many years have we waited for plastic squigs and to have 2 of them. YES! Ok a little excited but they are perfect absolutely perfect.


The Gitz aka cannon fodder, very character moonclan/night goblin models that take what everyone knows of these models and just updates them beautifully!

Group shop because why not!


A lovely little kit that will make a great painting project in general, a nice shadespire warband but also a glimpse to what moonclan will look like in AoS in the future.

For the price of a few paints you are getting everything in the box you could need to run these. Yes you need some dice and boards, but all those are in the monthly allowance band for purchases.

Well worth the price make sure you check them out from out friends over at Triple Helix Wargames.

A warning though, this does follow the mechanics of a living card game if you want to be ‘competitive’ then you are going to need other warbands for the cards…Which also happen to be on sale at THG 😉


Discuss awaaaaayyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy

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