Holiday Rant

First up never take hobby on holiday with you it never goes well.

Yes it is OK to take models and paints through security but you always have that worry the angry people will take away your things. So limited models and palette taken just in case 😉

I have managed to get some painting done but the 5 models I brought are now done (minus bases that I am waiting on).

This means I have a week to go and no hobby.

Which means I am in full blown hobby wobble. I am looking at my Stormcast and drowning in choices, which brings around analysis paralysis, which then makes me not want to play then any more.

You may have noticed on Twitter the hope of a faction swap.

Hoping unless a deal happens when I am home this calms down and I can enjoy them again as I did in AoS1.

Doesn’t help I am having a blast with Nurgle and it’s smaller pool of choices. Plus battalions that don’t need half the faction I don’t own…

Anyway never bring hobby on holiday. Sun and hobby equals CRAZY!!!!

Which brings me onto GW releases, drowning in weekly choices for new armies was always a challenge for a #HobbyGoldfish (Hobby butterflies are dead they couldn’t keep up bless them).

Now it seems GW are going mental on system releases which means new rules to learn…

But the spoilers they are doing and the number of games incoming literally means I can get excited by a game but then come release I am meh about the whole thing.

Obviously the big one is Titanicus, it has been teased for months (feels like years) to the extent all my initial OMG must have shiny SHINY!!!! has gone.

I had thought it was down to the ‘guess at prices’ the internet was having with the game. But now I realise unless I am excited for a theme or a challenge on the painting front. New systems are not doing it for me, it’s why Malifaux was so popular for nearly 2 years. I could let my imagination run wide and challenge myself. Or why nurgle and the conversions always have me coming back for more.

GW aren’t going to change from this path as it is proving to be very good for them. But alas the poor gamers are scrabbling to keep up..

Other things that have my attention at the moment is SW Legion which is proving to be a nice snappy brutal game that I have tried so far so looking forward to more games….although may need to wait before I go crazy. The Wookies are coming 😀

From the painting I have done you do have seen that Infinity is back on the gaming block so now with a new paint scheme I should be getting more games in…

Oh then their is the AoS Campaign and x-wing 2.0 very soon and Fallout is close.

On top of all that the Malifaux M3E beta that I have applied for as well…someone is going to be a busy bear..

Discuss awaaaaayyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy

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