Sonnia Theme Idea

So it’s been a long time since I have spoken about malifaux. Games are always cyclical and I think faux could be coming back.

Helps we have new players and I won a Sonnia crew in a raffle. The gremlins I will always love and they have me right back on that track (yes, yes I know AoS drops this week. Yes I know I can’t help myself).

Anyway I got thinking about a theme for this Sonnia crew that would give me a small compact force but still allows some options.

So I went looking at the 2-player starter and well the guild half is all witch hunters as well. This plus the good Doctor and Nurse are always nice fits into a Sonnia crew.

So that got me thinking could I use the rest of the box and I am not so sure. An orderly is nice but not sure about the rest of the NB bits. Then I need a doctor model but alas McMourning is dual faction so not the best idea.

So then I thought why not use the next best thing. Rafkin the little scamp in his scrubs just needs a suitable weapon (need to check if the chainsaw is still with my TTB kit) and then the next is the Nurse…..why not just use a nurse and then the extra one can be an orderly. OK we are onto something here.

So the theme;

All my Sonnia games are going on in her head! As she has been sectioned into the malifaux asylum.

So the painting I am aiming for almost cartoony so I am going to try cell-shading so blocks of colour no blending going on.

I may add chains to her but not sure. Her totem and the witchling stalkers are going to be painted as ghosts.

I am hoping to source a puppet wars model for the effigy to be her childhood toy.

Rafkin, nurse and orderly are painted as you would expect. The witchling thralls are other patients.

If I go with the emmissary I am going with the idea that is an imaginary friend. So perhaps a headless form of the actual model (Sonnia is broken after all) or thinking something akin to the ghost of future Christmas..

The witchling handlers and Mr Hopkins I am trying to figure out what to do. Almost see the handlers as asylum sercuity staff.

While Sam is perhaps a “spirit guide” come to save Sonnia from herself so he is slightly disembodied.

Any thoughts are welcome or more ideas 🙂

Also thinking the sewer bases as they can be made to look clinical but still bonkers..

Discuss awaaaaayyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy

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