The Great Unclean (Slug) One

So the idiot I am decided that I didn’t want more than 1 Great Unclean One to the look the same. This had nothing to do with me watching Star Wars at the weekend either…

So I decided a F’off slug would look cool and with the spare belly plates and heads from the GUO kit I figured I had some tie-in there as well.


What I didn’t have at the time was the GUO kit (on order) so I knew we had 130mm base and so I needed something that fit. So out came the kids drawing stuff which gave me a loose footprint to work on.

Once this was done I started chopping up leftover sprue to give me a frame to work on, I did this for recycling purposes and also I am cheap 🙂


Once the rough frame was done on went the milliput to again give me a cheap way of getting an organic shape to the slug but also means I have less green stuff to use. So I can apply it as sheets almost to work on.

Which meant I could use an old tutorial I have been hosting for ages;

So I am slowly building up the details as you can see.


I have not finished the tail yet as again waiting on a base (also on order).


I have never done a project this big before I am certainly enjoying it, but it is also hurting my patience as I am having to wait for layers to dry before I move. Mainly as I am clumsy  and forget which bits are set and not. FINGERPRINTS EVERYWHERE!!!


Alas after some more measurements I found I was a little short so have added more sprue to the top to get me closer to the same height as a the new GUO.


My challenge next is to work on organic pipes/intestines to have hanging out of the nature holes/crevices I have created.

Hopefully I will have an update soon 🙂

P.S. any sugesstions are welcome.

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