Dark Age Arena of Death part 2

Welcome to the second Dark Age Arena of DEATH!! Post, continuing from the first post and the Skarrd Cup we are moving onto the other faction prize.

Rules the same (200 points and not a character). This time we are playing with the Dragryi and their big guys, which with the rules set is the 4 big Elementals which has to be pretty damn cool.

The coliseum for the competitors is the same (18” gap between models and no terrain and 8 rounds of combat), we are ready to go!


Welcome to Round 1 of the Dragryi Jawbone Cup in which the Ice Elemental takes on the Fire Elemental.

Fire being the hot-head (yes I went there), charges forward ready to get to grips with Ice, stopping short knowing it has a decent range chance! Ice moves into for the kill, but subjects itself to some fire sprayed at it, becoming on fire but not taking any further damage.

As it gets to grips with the Fire elemental great clouds of steam come of the clashing pair! As they pull apart briefly Fire has taken some damage as a large chunk of falls as it harden into stone..

(Wound count 4-6)

Clearly slightly annoyed by the start, Fire begins to rip chunks of Ice resulting in some large parts of Ice falling apart like the glacials of the northen seas.

Heavily wounded and still burning Ice presses home after the shock of the flurry by Fire. But in the end the burning was proving to great and it resulted in a few misses by ice. It did manage some telling blows onto Fire but it was not enough and fire continued to rage reducing the Elemental to nothing but a puddle!.


Welcome to Round 2 in which the Storm Elemental takes on the Shadow Elemental.


Storm drifts forward and readies itself for dealing with the Shadows tricks, Shadow gladly accepts the challenge moves to crush the Storm. Unfortuanetly for Shadow it is hit by the full force of wind and takes damage before it gets into combat with its enemy. Alas the buffeting it suffered menat that Storm could easily sidestep its almost clumsy attack.

(Wound count 4-5)


Shadow tried to hammer home the small amount of momentum it hadn’t loss from the Storms attack. Although scoring a critical hit against storm and some additional damage it suffered a strange stumble from the swirling winds across the arena meaning it wouldn’t bring its full complement of attacks into Storm.

Storm sensing a chance plunged itself into Shadow and managed even more damage but it too seem to be struggling at times with darkness also forming around the arena.

(Wound count 2-3)


Shadow continued to hammer onto the Storm hoping to land a mortal wound onto the air itself and amazingly it almost manged it but didn’t have the energy to finish the job. Storm clearly suffering from some malaise and the coming darkness could not land a single blow onto the Shadow!!

(Wound count 2-1)


Storm with the spells that bind it together slowly failing made one last gambit to land the killing blow, but alas it could only count 1 landing blow. With that done the Shadow slowly finished Storm at its leisure to leave nothing but a breeze.


Welcome to the final round, in which the Fire Elemental takes on the Shadow Elemental.


So Shadow having dealt with its cousin so ‘easily’ surged forward to expunge the light from the competition. Amazingly showing unseen before patience Fire moved forward and sprayed fire over shadow. Perhaps surprised by this Shadow couldn’t avoid the heat and was left charred in places.

(Wound count 4-5)


Shadow using all its tricks moved in to take the attack to Fire and like Ice before found the Fire surrounding it to difficult to deal with and couldn’t land any blow to Fire but more of its self was burnt further.

Fire not wanting to let Shadow gain any upper hand set about punishing Shadow and lay about it in brutal fashion. Then at the last moment the Shadow simply disappeared. Leaving and annoyed but victoous Fire.


It advances forward as the representative of the Dragryi faction.

Discuss awaaaaayyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy

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