Armoured Digital Kickstarter

So I have been following the life of a game called Armoured Digital for a while now, brain child of Word Forge Games (of Devil’s Run fame) it finally goes to KS today at 2000 GMT I believe.

So the first thing I am going to say is Command & Conquer (Red Alert) or any RTS game, get that idea in your head first!

This is a game, in which you are the controller of drones and you are fighting other drones for ground/resources. Add to this that you are programming your drones, and using the resources you claim to build more drones in-game


So the programming mentioned is a card-based mechanic, that has a nod to resource management of the likes of Guild Ball in which a set number of cards a turn are assigned to your drones and the quantity assigned is up to you (so some drones can go unused in a particular turn).

So these program cards allow you to move/shoot etc. and the key appears to be getting the right program card, on the right drone, at the right time and against the right opponent. Lots of serious thinking/planning is going to be needed.


There is a mine in the centre of the playing board which you can send your transports to collect resources from, to help you make those new units we mentioned. So this will allow you to make new units during the game, to replace lost drones or react to tactical change your opponent made. This sounds cool from a RTS standpoint anyway but add to this if you have a collection of drones you can use more of them as a list is only fixed at the start of a game. Things will change as you go, as a squirrel collector myself this is pretty cool as it means I can bring all the toys to the game šŸ˜€

So the setting for the game is a post-apocalyptic setting and rather than waffle you can read the official blurb from the games (yes I am lazy šŸ˜› )

From a golden age where AI and drones did almost all of our labour, a terrorist attack successfully deactivated key safety systems in AI overseers and led to global chaos. A global war between humans and AI slowly ground down to a stalemate, but in the process, we discovered Digipaths, people whose brain structures allow them to reprogram computers merely by thinking.

The remaining AI are scattered across the world, roaming the wilderness and still trying to grow food that people will never eat, or build apartments that no human will ever live in. The remains of the human population live in heavily fortified refugee camps known as enclaves. And the Digipaths? With the generals dead or missing, the Digipaths are now choosing their own course. And like any human beings, they disagree on what needs to be done.

The mechanism for attack and defense is based on the old scissors/paper/rock idea, so this means that with the ability to build on the fly during the game means combat should be quick as you can react to an enemies heavy use of a particular build to bring the scissors to his paper fight..

From what I have seen it looks like every faction can take the same unit types but it becomes the factions that add uniqueness to games. This is a double-edged sword as it means demoing/learning is going to be super easy as you have less to learn and there is less chance of a ‘gotcha’ as you know what your opponents drones can do as well as your own. But I look forward to how the factions are going to add the uniqueness to keep people coming back for more.

Finally the miniatures, they are being based on a 15mm scale and in resin. The guys also mentioned that they will be simple models to build and they have thought about magnets (wooooooo magnets) and have designed so they all have recesses for them.

They look pretty cool as well..

As mentioned it goes live today at 8pm so go give it a look šŸ™‚

Discuss awaaaaayyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy

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