Spot of Reflection

So I have known for a few weeks but as of yesterday it was officially announced that;

Yes apparently I am a hobby hero, some how the title doesn’t feel fitting. I am just some bloke who writes a little blog in his corner of the internet and has a presence on social media…..well an issue with Hobby ADD on social media but I am sure that is the same thing.

Now I know thanks to the Rascal named Rob that I was nominated for the work with #WAAC and I am truly thankful for him for doing that. But I didn’t do it for the accolades it was a way to help come to terms with my mums death and give back to the nurses that help support her near the end but also helped my dad as well, which is perhaps more important.

I never dreamed that, that first year it would explode in such a way and in the following years that I could still drag money/time/effort out of peoples hobby funds to help and keep that total ticking over! Honestly being so close to £18000 rasied still doesnt really compute in my brain!

So if anything every single one of you is a hobby hero, as I cant stand here with this award without any of your help alongway. Truly I am lucky enough to be one of your number in this crazy community and the term standing on the shoulder of giants seems incredibly apt as you have all lifted me into this position and I thank you.

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