Firing the Blacksmiths – Hearth

Home is where the Hearth is..


She is a slow lass but then with what she is carrying is it any wonder! Her TAC is average and her KICK is OK lacks the range but healthy dice pool. Her DEF is really bad but she does as you would expect bring the ARM. Her INF like all the masters so far is it that decent minimum but capped max unless she is the captain!

Legendary Play

Armoury – For how slow she is this is a nice boost as it ups her melee zone to 3” Which means she has the potential to catch people out. If she is captain she also boosts everyones zone to 2” this really helps the apprentices more than the masters (makes sense). But to get the best out of it requires some planning (as she would need to activate early) or use it as a sort of surgical strike on one or two models.


Match Experience (4”) – Great bubble which lets you become very momentum efficient. When a friendly model uses ‘Give n Go’ the receiving player gets to make a 4” dodge as well. With this is mind you can get 2 momentum worth of free movement for the cost of 1. Any point in a game that is going to be a great thing to have access to.

Sturdy – She ignores the first knock down of a turn! This helps her a little bit with her being a target of such things with her low DEF..


A brewers playbook again with the book being shorter than the TAC. All her columns bring momentum which is really nice to have. She has also knock down on 1 which means she can protect herself against those counterattacks a little. While access to pushes and also a tackle means she can get out of trouble usually but also means people want to avoid her.


Instruction – Costs 1 INF, gives apprentice models an extra 2 net hits (so not extra dice just hits). This is obviously really nice on any of apprentices but the one that stands out is Sledge for the potential 5 net hits by also being near Anvil!!

Use This! – Costs 1 INF, grants a friendly model a boost to their melee zone, this is nice as it means you don’t need to use her legendary (if she is captain) to have a specific model have the boost but also means you have more options for her activation rather than early to get most out of her legendary.


She is a great support model to have the team as she can help a few types but obviously she really lets the apprentices start motoring. Is she going to score you goals/take outs probably not in most games but she helps the rest of the team do it for her!

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