Firing the Blacksmiths – Alloy

Sometimes it’s good to mix things up….


One of the fastest in the team, he is on par with Fishermen fast! His TAC is OK and his kick is great (not super striker but there are ways). His DEF is average, which means good for Blacksmiths and of course still a little ARM. And as an apprentice his INF is the low minimum but can take a normal amount out.


Back to the Shadows – If he damages during his activation he gets a free dodge at the end of it. Which with his speed lets him be really dangerous and lets him be a great hit and runner.

Arsenal (Hearth) – If he starts his activation near Hearth (his master) he gets to pick one of a three different small boosts for the remainder of the turn. He can up his melee zone to 2” which makes his threat over 10” which is nasty! He can up his kick dice pool which takes him into the scary striker range or he can gain anatomical precision (so ignores 1 ARM when attacking). All have uses but I think the kick or melee zone are going to be the more popular ones.


Like most apprentices his book is longer than his TAC, so some set-up is needed to make the most of his book. He brought decent momentum generation (5/6 columns) and as mainly a ball player first access to a lower momentous tackle and also a higher momentous tackle and double dodge. Makes him pretty dangerous to get the ball and use it! He isn’t a damage dealer but some decent damage can be welcome sometimes.


Acrobatic – Costs 1 INF, just increases his movement ability and makes him have a very large threat range.

Dirty Knives – Costs 2 INF or 1 Guild Ball (3 hits), seen in other teams and always nasty reducing DEF (not clearable as not a condition) as well as a little bit of damage (triggers back to the shadow) and also poison. Just makes it a great thing to trigger off his playbook or even just try if you don’t have anything else for him to do!


He is fast, he is bouncy (so many dodges), he can be a pain to deal with and is a great goal threat! The main issue you may have is he needs Hearth around to make it really scary, however as he is so fast and she is so slow. It is going to be easy to separate the pair! So choose when to wind him up and let him loose as there is going to be times it will take a turn or 2 to get him back into the lovely bubble Hearth gives him! But overall he is one of your best goal threats he can also bring some other work as well when needed.

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