Firing the Blacksmiths – Burnish

Keep on rubbing lets see what shines..


His speed is pretty average as is his TAC, his KICK is decent without being spectacular he can do a job for you but he isn’t a go to goal scorer usually. His DEF is average for the team and he brings the healthy 2 ARM that most masters do. And like all masters he has the same INF stat as the rest.

Legendary Play

Covering Fire – Lets him use a character play without INF, which can at least let him be useful in a turn that you don’t assign INF to him. Can also let you catch out an opponent as they may not see he can drop a free flame belch till it is too late. It also lets him throw out 3 of them if he is your captain. Speaking of which if he is your captain he also hands out reinforced plating, which is nice but nasty against certain teams, engineers and alchemists spring to mind.


Fire Forged – Lets him ignore the first burning placed upon him, thematically but only worrying against certain players.

Reinforced Plating – For the cost of a MP you can ignore all damage and effects from an enemy play. This is huge as it can shut-down so much of another teams play. It could be costly across a turn, more so on a legendary turn. But could prove brutal in stopping certain players getting going.


Another one with a brewers playbook, maybe I should say both teams in that breath now.. Anyway smaller book than TAC, access to momentum across all 4 columns and access to an easy knockdown (and almost the same for a Tackle) while he also has pushes as well. If he gets into trouble he can easily get himself out again.


Reduction – Costs 0 INF, Interesting play that lets you drop off all conditions on them current to give them burning instead. Now this is a double-edged sword because you are giving up some movement to remove other conditions. However it is momentum efficient as it lets you remove the potentially nastier poison or bleed if the damage is a concern (or giving boosts to your opponents) but it can also remove knock down and with the lower DEF you have in the team this can be very handy!

Flame Belch – Costs 2 INF, decent damage AoE play that also hands out burning as well. (As well as some board control as the AoE sticks around). In theory he can generate a fair number of these if he is your captain and with Tooled Up being around in the team he needs to be respected as the damage is hefty!

Kill the Ball – Costs 1 INF, lets you take a free ball and get a reposition via a goal kick. Interesting ability with his early knockdown can have the potential to disrupt your opponent but there is a good chance against certain teams it will only slow them down a bit (looks at Fish). The main worry is it is a goal kick so will scatter which means you may not get where you want it!


He is a support player, who can help keep your team ticking over. Well, as long as you keep generating momentum anyway. Some of the things he can do are a dangerous trap to protect your team with Reduction you are leaving them open to AoE attacks or anything that would hurt a large bubble (looks at Sharks Legendary). He brings plenty of fire so helps slow down the opponents which is great as you can bring many teams down to your speed level. He can be pretty quirky as your captain but there are other masters that could probably get more work done for you. So he is in an odd spot in that he brings some interesting things to the table. But when he is one of your master spots there may be hard decisions to find space unless against certain teams.

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