Firing the Blacksmiths – Cast

I feel I need to make a boating pun here for some reason..


Her speed is about average for the team, although her sprint is pretty decent. Her TAC is average as is her DEF and ARM. As is her INF as an apprentice, her standout is her KICK which has a great dice pool, but she does suffer from a low range.


Burning Passion – Increases her damage output if the enemy model is burning, which means she can be pretty dangerous. However as she can’t hand out burning herself she is reliant on a couple different players. Which means your opponent can react to this. So don’t fall into the trap of relying on it.

Charmed (male) – Gives her a DEF boost against male players, which is great but it wont protect her for long or against female players.

Swift Strikes – Allows her to make a free dodge if she causes damage, this helps her reposition effectively.


Like the other apprentices she has a longer book than her TAC and she has some impressive damage (momentous as well), she has some push/dodges as well which are always nice but need less with her Swift strike ability. She does have a low tackle as well which is always good to have just in case!


Shield Glare – Costs 1 Guild Ball (3 hits), great little play that is a nasty debuff, -1 TAC and DEF will hurt any player, but when coupled with the high ARM of the team in general this can really shut down players. While everyone loves reduced DEF, just an amazing play that isn’t limited by once per turn which makes it very powerful!

Shield Throw – Costs 2 INF or 1 Guild Ball (3 hits), interesting little play that hurts any ball handler in the game. The damage is average for a play (unless they are burning) but what makes it dangerous is it forces the player to give up possession of the ball. Now this is only a scatter so there is a chance that you don’t get a helpful scatter. But if it disrupts your opponents plans great!


The great disruptor of the team, yes she does have an OK goal threat but she makes an effective debuffer while also just messing with your opponents play they setting up for an early turn goal hopefully she is close enough to mess with that. Which has a knock on effect that their INF allocation will not be what they had hoped.

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