Firing the Blacksmiths – Ferris

In a game with crazed drug addled mutants, sure lets throw in a horse what could go wrong! Yes I couldn’t think of a good Farris pun!!


She is on a horse!!! So her jog is fairly average but she does get up to a very high-speed with the sprint which makes sense! Her TAC is captain levels so one of the best in the team. Her KICK is meh as is her DEF but she does bring a lot or ARM to the board and her INF is like all other masters in the team!

Legendary Play

Ride Off – Once up if she causes a push and the enemy has the ball then they lose the possession of the ball. With her threat this is a nice way of messing with your opponent’s ball control but it is random as the scatter makes it so. Feels like an odd legendary as there will be games you wont see a good point to use this! Although with some of her traits and also having to deal with close control sometimes on a target does make it something you shouldn’t forget about.

If she is captain it does hand out give it a whack to everyone which is a nice boost for the team especially with all the 2” melee around.


Give It a Whack – If there is a free ball within her melee zone during her activation (see legendary and hope for a nice scatter) then she can make a kick action as if she is in control of it. With the kick taking place from where the ball is. Situational but something that has a lot of potential and means peoples aren’t going to want to leave the ball free for long when she is on the board! If nothing else she can get the ball from a kick-off and be a bit less of a target for your opponent to go for, as whe will be 1″ further back than a normal model.

Sentinel (1”) – Any apprentice models when in the bubble around her get +1 ARM which makes him a great anchor for the team, although does mean the chance to clump up is high. As those squish apprentices love the extra ARM

Impact – Incredibly powerful ability, if she sprints during her turn and if she moves into base contact with an enemy she gets to make a free attack without spending INF. Yes it doesn’t get the boost of a charge but getting to be a threat with only 1 INF more or less on the board is incredibly powerful. It also means she is perhaps more selfless as a master than some of the others as being so fast and still able to attack and hopefully gain momentum is awesome.


Standard sort of masters playbook really, she has plenty of momentum generation. However caution over that her column 1 doesn’t have any (looks at my dice 😦 ). She has a nice to reach tackle, while knockdown is a little harder to reach. She has access to pushes (see legendary) and her play should be easy to get off which helps as the turn goes on!


Stagger – Costs 1 Guild Ball (2 hits), great little debuff that reduces enemies DEF by 1 which as we always know is nasty especially when it is not a condition.

Quick Foot – Costs 2 INF, sure let’s make the horse even faster. It is expensive when used if she isn’t your captain (reduces what she can do a lot). However makes all your goal threat players even scarier. Or just lets Farris have a bigger threat on her Impact ability if you need it.


She is Calvary model! She can go more or less where she wants and despite her speed she isn’t the best goal threat but she is an amazing ball threat as she will find it very easy to get the ball for your team. However you are going to have to deal with some of her slight situational Legendary but when it comes off it is going to be very cinematic (especially with a ball playing horse around). She is perhaps the least selfish captain around as she can in a lot of situations need maybe 2  INF. One to sprint to activate impact then one to do kick when she has dislodged the ball. She will certainly be trickier to use than other Masters in the team but could be great fun.

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