Firing the Blacksmiths – Bolt

Like something out of the blue..


He looks pretty slow but in fact he can be one of your fastest options. His TAC is average as is his DEF and he still gets some ARM. As an apprentice he also only brings 1 INF to the pool and unlike most others can only have a max of 3 which is pretty low but if positioned right he always has the equivalent of 2.

His KICK is odd, as he has an amazing dice pool but his range is lacklustre but with his speed he still has a decent threat range.


Stamina – Makes him that little bit faster than you are expecting, so can actually make him one of the fastest models around. A free jog is great but beware free-strikes as it isn’t a dodge.

Tutelage (Farris) – If he starts near Farris then he gets to use one of his Plays for free which is a great way to save INF as long as he stays near her you have 2 INF for free.


For a zippy goal threat his playbook reads like one, which access to a low momentous tackle and momentous dodges as well. He does bring some damage options as well. But there are better options for that in the team. But he is certainly able to stick the boot into a weakened foe.


I’m Open – Costs 2 INF, If you have issues with activation order, this helps a lot, as you can get someone to pass him the ball. We have seen in the Morts and Fish how strong out of activation passes can be so this is always worth considering. It is expensive, but in theory free (see above).

Shoemerang – Costs 2 INF, Short range play that hits target for 2 damage but then knocks down another enemy that is close to target. The potential for this is insane, as you could target out of an engagement to knockdown the model engaging Bolt. Or just make that hard to hit model a better target. Or knock down the ball carrier that has been hidden by friends. That is just what I can think off, shame you can only do it once a turn..


Gives you another goal scoring threat who can be deceptive with his speed. He also allows for some quick ball repositioning that will be hard for your opponent to deal with. But due to all this he is perhaps the easiest apprentice to take out as he will generally be off running around more than the others so more likely to be outside of master protection when he needs it.

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