Plague Surgeon

My Plague Surgeon, continuing my cross mixing of the 30K models I was lucky enough to be gifted 2 of the MK3 Apothecaries who fit nicely into my army! Plus I am not a fan of the actual Plague Surgeon model.

2 thoughts on “Plague Surgeon

  1. I do like your version of the Plague Surgeon, it’s a lot more grimmer, dirty and more fear imposing. The GW plastic Plague Surgeon looks a bit too cartoony, as well as that weird head size with that hood.

    Fantastic work! 🙂

    1. Cheers, my initial plan was to have cross over between 30k and 40k. But as 30k has died within my group its all 40k. But sticking with the models i have as dammit they are painted 🙂

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