Firing the Blacksmiths – Iron

Everyone needs some Iron in their diet…


He is slow not tortoise slow but you get the idea! His TAC is higher than average but his KICK is very meh. His DEF is rubbish but he does bring some healthy ARM to the table. Finally his INF is also meh he only brings 1 to the table but can take the average from the pool.

Heroic Play

Tryhard – A strange heroic play as he needs to be extremely close to the enemy goal post and then in possession of the ball he can make shots on goal without spending MP but at a negative to the target number.

So the last point cancels out the bonus for being so close to the goal anyway. While the spending of a MP to active the play and not spending the MP to try for a goal again brings you null net gain. Where this play does come into its own is if you miss the first shot and the scatter is favourable for a second try or even a third if you have the INF and fluke with the scatter.


Battering Ram – Great way of messing with an opponent’s positioning as you push people out of bubbles but also just making it harder for them to get favourable movement. While also helping out your team with a little more movement. Does take some thinking about as you need to consider larger melee zones that will mean he will suffer some pain (possibly knockdowns) if he continues to move. But the potential is high to do things with this so always keep it in mind.

Tough Hide – With that amount of armour makes sense you can’t hurt him very well!


Has some scary damage in his playbook but you are only going to see it on the charge or with some set up. He does bring some great double pushes, which is amazing as is the option for some knock down as well. He also has a momentous tackle on column 2 which for someone with a decent goal threat range is nice.

He doesn’t bring on momentum on column 1 though so when the dice fail it is going to hurt! With this and the smaller TAC than playbook length you are probably not going to want him going early in the turn because of the set he needs to get going and the danger of where the momentum generation is on his book.


Impetus – Costs 1 INF, interesting play as it speeds up the big guy significantly to average speed as a jog while his sprint becomes almost godly! But does mean he needs 2 INF on him to get motoring which needs to be considered during the game.


Has the potential to be one of the fastest models in the game, with insane goal threat. However it needs a lot of set up AND INF to pull it off and most of the time you wont have the time to pull it off but it is still there and its fun to terrify your opponent 🙂 He does have some nice damage output but again needs some set-up first. He does make a decent holder of the ball as well, but all this means he is terrifying to play against BUT he is going to need help to do what he can do really! His possible bets use is a bluff way, thrown on Tooled up or use Ferrite to boost his speed and let your opponent assume you are going for damage or ball and attempt the opposite. As your opponent probably won’t naturally play around both possibilities. A very tricky model to get right!

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