Firing the Blacksmiths – Furnace

Out of the fire and into the Furnace we go…


His speed is average as is his DEF, but he brings decent amount of ARM. His KICK is decent and hovering around that Striker range, His TAC is decent and like all masters his INF is the usual 3/3 we see in box 1 of the blacksmiths.

Legendary Play

Tempered Steel – Grants him +1 ARM which combined with his plays means he is going to be really hard to shift. If he is the captain, he also hands out Searing Strike which across multiple models is going to be pretty scary for the likes of brewers but less so for say Fishermen.


Sentinel (1”) – Seen on some other masters as well, which hands out ARM to apprentices which with their squishiness is a real boon.

Fire Forged – Lets him ignore the first burning condition placed on him, which is pretty thematic really and also helpful to stop him being slowed down.

Searing Strike – Nasty ability as handing out burning on damage is nasty the addition of minus to ARM is super nasty.


A playbook that could be easy in the Brewers, he brings a decent amount of momentum with access to pushes and a very small amount of momentous damage. Interestingly he does have a Tackle on column 1 although not momentous though, it is worth remembering and makes him respected for ball players due to this and his good melee range.


One at a Time Lads – Costs 0 INF, Anyone like a mobile Rowdy bubble? So for free he can drop an AoE that removes the ganging up and crowding out for models within the AoE. Remember it is only for models within the bubble that are effected they can still help with  the de(buff) for models attacking outside the AoE. So worth really thinking about positioning.

Tooled Up – Costs 1 INF, everyone knows this one makes a model hurt that little bit more and can be terrifying in Blacksmiths with the potential damage around! Remember that damage needs set up so be careful when you drop this as your opponent will see the nice Flare you have sent up and try to play around the problem if they can. But it is glorious when it comes off on the likes of Iron and Sledge 😉


The tarpit of the team, he can sit in the middle and just be a pain to shift or just get away from and if you do get away there is a chance he will have debuffed you as you go. Yes the super fast players will play round him with minimal effort but if he catches them, they are in for some pain. With the One at a time and his legendary he will probably be an early activation to make the best impact with them. But like Anvil the game plays around them if nothing more but to avoid them. He is also a decent user of the ball so always keep that in mind!

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