Firing the Blacksmiths – Ferrite

Can you feel the magnetism in the air? Sorry Ferrite is hard to pun for, Iron was hard enough to do..


Her speed is pretty average but she can also get going by other means. Her TAC is average as is her DEF, however she does get lots of ARM which is really helpful. Her INF is like all box 1 masters but her headline stat is her KICK it is the best in the team makes her your main goal threat.

Legendary Play

Tong in Cheek – A great legendary that increases her speed to Fishermen levels. But if she is your captain then she also gives this boost to the rest of the team and also hobble. This means even the likes of Anvil are going to be feared with the boost. Hobble will also really hurt any player as it is a movement without the ability to drop it off.


Get Over Here (Iron) – We have seen this on Mascots before, in this case it is what makes Iron have such a terrifying threat range but can still be used to help Ferrite out should she need a hand with ganging up.

Hobble – Hands out a debuff to movement which isn’t a condition if she causes damage, this can really hurt anyone really so she needs to be respected just for this nevermind everything else.


Like a few of the Blacksmiths there is a touch of Brewer about her book. She brings momentum on all her columns and more importantly all of them are very good choices. Momentous tackle on a striker is always appreciated and it is low enough you can usually get it. It’s just an amazing playbook for what you would want her to do!


Acrobatic – Costs 1 INF, helps make her a little bit more of a threat from distance. Particularly as this isn’t straight line movement so can really do some bouncing around!

Disarm – Costs 1 Guild Ball (1 hit), reduces an enemy targets TAC by 2. Which with most blacksmiths high ARM this is going to hurt all players except on a charge! This is really strong play and if using her early turn or hitting a model yet to activate this is going to hurt them (also see that it is not once per turn…nasty).

Weak Point – Costs 1 Guild Ball (1 hit), reduces an enemy targets ARM by 1. Again nasty but more so against certain players.


She is a nasty nasty debuff player that can in theory really make one players turn a miserable one if you wish. But she is also one of your best goal threats with a pretty good range. Due to that goal threat and some of the other options she has, she is a strong choice of master to be your captain as she can get a lot of work done.

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