Firing the Blacksmiths – Cinder

Don’t worry this Ella will be going for the ball!! (Fairy tale pun for Spud there ;)).


She is one of the fastest team members around (fastest in box 1 without shenanigans), her TAC is average but her KICK is really nice not super striker levels but very nice regardless. Her DEF is meh but average for the Blacksmiths and she comes with some ARM of course! Her INF like all apprentices is low to the pool but can take a fair chunk if she needs it.


Unpredictable Movement – Great defensive tech, wont save her against 2” melee zones but can keep her safe against a fair number of models.

Hot Shot – Amazing ability that lets her declare an attack at range as if engaged this means she can steal the ball pretty quickly or at least let her hit an easier target to get out of trouble. You will be doing this most turns as it is such a cool idea.

Kindled (Furnace) – When she starts near her boss she gains Burning Strike which means she hands out Burning if she does damage. Which when combined with hot shot means you can mess with people at range.


Reasonable playbook which lets her get out of trouble easily with plenty of dodges (double on 2 is great) and she also brings a reasonable tackle on 3 (which is great when we consider her plays/abilities). She has reasonable momentum generation and generally on results you want.


Kill the Ball – Costs 1 INF, this allows you to take a free ball within 6 and make a goal kick with the ball. An interesting ability which should let you position a ball quickly! However the chances of this happening too often is rare as not many people leave a ball free for long!

Decoy – Costs 1 INF, great ability as this makes her DEF 6 for the next time she is targeted by an enemy attack/play. If you plan to activate her early in the turn this is a great thing to drop on her just for the frustration.


A nice secondary striker for the team who has a decent threat range (easily boosted by the rest of the team). She is also a fun way of getting the ball with no disruption due to the range she has with Hot Shot. Opponents need to be wary of her with the toolbox she brings to the table! So make use of this, stealing the ball or handing out burning at a threat of 14” is something that needs to be respected.

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