Firing the Blacksmiths – Anvil

It is with a ‘’heavy’’ heart I introduce you to Anvil..


He is a slow chap, but his TAC is decent and his KICK is about average as well. He brings slightly higher INF than normal but he cannot take anymore as his maximum which is pretty unusual (Blacksmith rule about captains explains this). His DEF is rubbish but he does have the most ARM around minus a couple of certain mascots. So even before the odd miss people are not going to get very good results against him but he is worried about character plays.

Legendary Play

Tested Mettle – A nice legendary that hands out +1 TAC, which on top of Singled Out makes for the potential of a lot of hits (every hit is almost a charge hit). If he is also your captain then the team gets Tough Hide as well, it’s not bad but better against some teams over others.


Sentinel (1”) – Any apprentice models when in the bubble around him get +1 ARM which makes him a great anchor for the team, although does mean the chance to clump up is high. As those squish apprentices love the extra ARM

Tough hide – Seen on a few models, he is going to stick around for a while unless really ganged up on (on top of all those wounds).


A sort of brewers playbook this one, lower knock down, pushes and a small amount of damage as well. It also generate OK momentum (4/6 columns) and all of it at the start of the book as well. Certainly looks like a book that is there to set up an opponent for others.


Single Out – Costs 1 Guild Ball (3 hits), seen in other Guilds and always powerful and should be reasonably easily to get in his activation.

While the Iron is Hot – Costs 2 INF or 1 Guild Ball (3 hits), this is pretty powerful as plays go, pick your or your opponents goal and all friendly models within the pulse get to make a free dodge directly towards that goal. Can be used either defensively or offensively, although be wary as you do telegraph your next potential moves with this one.

Does help counter some of the slowness of the team though, which means he can be a popular guy to have around!


He is lives up to his name, stick him in the centre of your team and he can help you be both offensive and defensive depending on how the turn is going. He obviously helps set up the rest of the team with those 2 plays and with his ARM and wounds he can easily get into the thick of things and not really worry too much as no-one will want to tempt him to counter attack with low knock downs.

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