Firing the Blacksmiths – Sledge

Is it snowing? No?! Then why are we going Sledging…


He is a touch slow although not like the Boars of this world. His TAC is average as is his KICK to be honest. Actually while we are at it, his DEF is average as well and he does rock some ARM as well. His INF is pretty poor though he only brings 1 and his maximum is lower than average as well. Suppose makes sense as an apprentice in that he isn’t as experienced as the masters.


Tutelage (Anvil) – If he activates close to Anvil, he can use a character play without spending any INF. What this means is as long the big lad stays near the boss, he gets to play as with a little more INF that on first look.

Knockback – When he makes a successful attack then he gains additional push and dodge from it. Which means he can push models around a decent amount which means he is great for messing with positioning.


Interesting playbook that will make most Butchers jealous, first lets go with the headline of that 7 DMG at column 7!! Yes it will be unusual to see it (needs a charge and a play really) but when it does it will make anyone cry!

There is also a couple of Knockdown options as well, which moves nicely into making that column 7 easier to reach. His momentum generation is not bad either with 5/7 columns giving you some, also the majority is damage momentum as well. He also has a column 1 tackle as well which is worth remembering as he isn’t a bad kicker really. A few pushes as well which will really make his knockback even more powerful as well.


Long Bomb – Costs 1 INF, Makes him a pretty good passer of the ball as it suddenly gives him a huge range to punt the ball forward with the added bonus that the ball cant be intercepted! He might not need it every game but don’t forget about it.

Piledriver – Costs 1 INF or 1 Guild Ball (2 hits), incredibly powerful play that matches up well with Tutelage and his wider than normal playbook. His next attack gains +3 hits (not just dice) to his result. This is incredibly powerful as not only does it mean you can generate some really nasty results, it also means (in my case) even when the dice are bad you can still get something out of them!


Big bruiser of a player that has surprisingly soft feet! He wont be scoring you many goals but he can get the ball to where you need it but also people will be terrified of his hammer. Use this well as players will want to play round him or shut him down just to keep that headline damage away! Great player to have in the middle of the pitch looking scary waiting for a chance to get the ball or hit someone!!

Be wary against any damage dealers as like all apprentices he will fall to a stiff breeze, but should go down swinging for you!

Make sure you check out Leodis Games for all your Guild Ball Goodness.

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