Muck Spreading the Farmers – Grange

Grange I can’t think of a decent pun, I found myself farming the depths and coming up empty.


His speed is average, while he is a bit meh for his DEF with no ARM as well. His KICK is decent, although his distance is only average. His TAC is average for a captain but his INF is great more than nearly anyone else in the game (but he can only take 1 more INF for the pool to max out).

Legendary Play

Huge Tracts of Land – Allows him to drop 2 harvest markers nearby, so 3 for 1 turn in the game. Which is very healthy and will help most of the team. It also creates an aura of Sturdy as well, with their general low DEF this has to be a good thing.


For the Family – A decent aura that makes the whole team much better at passing. Which is only a good thing, what you will need to keep an eye on is the bonus is only for passing not shooting. So makes it easier to feed models the ball but finishing off can still be tricky so choose your targets wisely.

Lend a Hand – With his 2” melee zone this makes the ability very nice. What it means is crowding out debuff from him is even nastier. Also means that even captains are going to be cautious getting close to him if they need a high playbook result.

Planting Season – Lets him drop a free Harvest marker during his activation. Farmers need them, not much else to say.


Decent playbook plenty of momentum generation, reads almost like a Brewers playbook! Decent amount of knockdown and also damage output while also some pushes in there for when you need it!


Constitution – Costs 1 INF, hands out Tough Hide so model suffers 1 less DMG for the turn. Always great to have around against certain teams and less so against others.

Honest Labour – Costs 1 INF or 1 Guild Ball (4 hits), a sort of mini boost for the rest of the team. Any friendly model hitting an enemy with his melee zone gains a boost to their TAC and DMG. This means everyone can get the equivalent of singled out and tooled up. Which is a pretty nasty thing to have around!


Like a force multiplier for the farmers, he makes the rest of the team much nastier be it via honest labour or just extra harvest markers on the board. In a similar way to Ox, he wants to be in the middle making sure he helps out his team but also he is going to be a pain for your opponents to work around as he has a reasonable bubble of denial around him which although can be worked around the fact your opponent needs to work around will make it harder for them to play their game!

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