Kharadron Overlord Ironclad Review Part 2

So who remembers my part 1 of this review looking at the Ironclad Kit? No?!!!! Then go HERE we will wait for you.

Welcome back πŸ˜‰

So here she is in all her glory (minus crew for painting), as I mentioned we have no flying stalk/stand. But we do have the ship crashing into a floating island, icebreaker style.

She more or less is free-standing and is surprisingly sturdy which is a massive bonus, as some of my basing can lead to something a little top-heavy/unstable (go me!!).

So how did I go about this, well its magnets lots and lots of magnets…well not really maybe about a dozen (5x3mm magnets for those interested).

Forgive the blurry pictures as I was busy trying to get her built as who doesn’t love diving into building? You are lucky I got any pictures at all πŸ˜‰

We have to magnets on the inside of the hull to make sure you don’t see any magnets on the model (a mistake I made with the frigate)

There are also 2 magnets on the front grille of the ship as well but I had to rush to get them in place before I stuck myself to myself..

The we needed to build up the floating island base and position magnets with some green stuff help.

All will be hidden once painted so I could be a little more messy as I wanted the magnets just so and green stuff gives me a bit of drying leeway over super glue.

The hardest decision was next and how to magnetize the floating balls of doom to the hull

For the frigate each ball is magnetised to the hull, but I have found that having magnets under the engine compartment was much better (and will be doing the same if I get a second frigate).

Now I may have gone magnet heavy for this part but I wasn’t sure how sturdy things were going to be. In the end the 10 magnets I used was perhaps overkill but necessary as I had the dreaded superglue magnets together scenario 😦

So as you can see magnets on the hull plus magnets in the engine section equals success!

With the byproduct that I can lift the ship by the main ball (joke in their somewhere) and nothing is loose or feels unstable which will help during games.

With all those magnets doing the job and the Ironclad still looking sexy despite my ham-fists I now have a ship that looks a bit different on the battlefield but more importantly collapses down into 3 sections that will make the foam footprint needed for them that little bit smaller.

Which will save me a few headaches going forward.


Overall then the kit was a joy to put together and actually getting whereΒ  I wanted it to be for the transport and look on the battlefield was pretty easy in the end, maybe a bit more patience was needed but that is fault with the user not the kit.

Anyone wanting a flying ship crewed by dwarfs should really check this out and hell AoS is a great fun anyway.

If you are wanting some of the best prices around for it then you know what to do, click the button below for all your super cheap AoS needs πŸ™‚

Discuss awaaaaayyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy

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