Not much to say this week except well that Primaris Super Heavy from Forge World!! Has to be the most mental thing I have seen, since well the Repulsor 😀

Games This Week

A great game this week in which I got to take the Death Guard out for a spin against the white scars! We played a maelstrom game at 2500pts. My list obviously had Morty in, who lets say is as much as a beast as you would expect him to be.

The game ended 18-10 to myself and I did end up boarding the White Scar Primaris army but it wasnt till end of turn 3 that things started to swing. The number of mortal wounds the army can hand out is nasty and for a pretty elite army like Primaris marines it is going to hurt.

Some of the standout moments of the game include, Xiphon Interceptor flyer refusing to hit Morty with all his missiles and lascannons!! Tyhpus periling twice and dying to it! A Blight Drone single-handingly standing/floating in front of 2 units of hellblasters, surviving and killing a unit and then holding the Primaris Captain in combat for 3 rounds before going down!

That little drone was the man of the match as he literally would not die! Although I may stop taking Typhus as he is not doing me any favours and keeps dying.

Hobby This Week

Still more work on the Death guard, but we are very very close to being at 5000pts for WHW :O

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