Muck Spreading the Farmers – Thresher

When you really need to clear a path you need to Thresher the opponents.


His speed is average as is his DEF again no ARM for the farmers. His KICK is decent and hovering around that Striker range, His TAC is impressive (Butcher captain levels) and his INF is a little low for a captain both for pool and maximum allowed.

Legendary Play

Against the Grain – A great little legendary that increases the teams output. It hands out +2 TAC (so team singled out anyone) plus Life drinker which is a nice touch. This will make a lot of the team even scarier so timing this is going to be interested.


Scything March – When he knocks down an enemy model he gets a free dodge. In theory this could be pretty nasty when he is able to get into a bubble of models.

Crow Scarer – While he is near a Harvest marker he gains poised, so free counter attack a turn while near it.

Extended Reach – Like Mallet while in his activation his melee zone increases.


Decent playbook for her with great MP generation, all columns but the dreaded missing on the first column :(. Lots of damage output as well as knockdowns! He does bring an earlier tackle but non-momentously he gets one very early dodge but he can get it elsewhere as well.


Don’t Fear The – Costs 0 INF, removes a nearby harvest marker, he then does 3 damage to all models in his engagement zone which is pretty nasty for a free play.

They Ain’t Tough – Costs 1 INF or 1 Guild Ball (4 hits), reduces an enemy targets ARM by one. Really nasty against models who have ARM  as they usually have slightly lower DEF anyway. When combined with his Legendary this is a big swing of hits for the team.


He is lives up to his name, very much in the vein of Tapper in that he does bring some boosts to the team but mainly he is around to smash face possibly while they are on the floor. He can potentially do a lot of damage in a turn especially with Tooled up available in the team. Like all Farmers he needs Harvest markers around to be even more terrifying but he possibly needs them less than others..

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