Muck Spreading the Farmers – Jackstraw

Are you scared yet? Maybe you should be its Jackstraw!


He is I believe the slowest model in the game, like amazing slow. His TAC is also very low, but his KICK is interesting dice pool is low but range is impressive. His DEF is really good, while as usual no ARM to go with that. He does bring 3 INF to board and can only ever use 3. So a great INF generator for the team.


Reanimate – Makes it a little harder to take him out (especially with some little wounds he has anyway). But do not rely on it as he is still incredibly squishy, like he was made of straw…

The Last Straw – At the end of his activation he gets a free place towards a harvest marker nearby. Nice way of keeping him moving considering his slow movement normally.

At your Post – He gets a free place during his activation to a harvest marker or friendly goal post. Combined with The Last straw he can really get moving during/after his activation. The place is also incredibly powerful as it gives him the length of the base as a little big more movement as well.


Really small playbook you would expect but he does have some momentum generation (2/3 columns) with both momentous results being Tackle or Knockdown. Which are pretty helpful. He also comes with some dodges if he is desperate or loses touch with the harvest markers.


Crop Dusting – Costs 2 INF, an AoE play that hands out a small amount of damage but more importantly lets him drop out 2 harvest markers so he can keep himself moving with his place jumps.

If I Only Had a Brain – Costs 1 INF, Another place towards a harvest marker means this really slow model can actually move pretty fast.


A lot of movement madness with the scarecrow man, he has the potential to move easily over 16” in a turn. So if you need something to quickly relocate no-one does it better than him. This of course makes him a pretty scary goal threat but he does need momentum to do it. It also means he is a great ball retriever for the team and can also do incredibly well at keeping the ball out of your opponents hands.

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