Muck Spreading the Farmers – Millstone

I feel a weight around my neck, hopefully it’s not because of Millstone.


Her speed is average, while her TAC is a little low. Her KICK is average and her DEF is meh but she does come with a healthy ARM 2. She also brings 3 INF to the board (and can only use 3).


Planting Season – Once a turn she can place a harvest marker nearby, which as we have seen helps plenty of the farmers.

Take One for the Team – This is a great little trait and a decent sized aura, she can have a condition (that she isn’t already suffering) placed on her instead of the friendly model targeted. Very powerful as it can neuter a few different models.


A reasonable playbook, which generates a decent amount of momentum (3/4 columns), all of it is damage as well. She also has access to a column 1 tackle and a Knockdown, plus a few pushes when needed.


Get Out – Costs 1 INF, interesting play similar to ramming speed, in that as she moves and touches a model they get a 2” push. What is different is that it is for friendly models this time. This means she can get a fair number of models further up the field turn 1 or simply help get a model out of a bad situation. Some interesting possibilities with this one.

Get in the Goal – Costs 1 INF, nice little buff for a model as it grants Goal Defence to a model, so increasing the target number for goals if the model is near the goal post. The only issue is that it means Millstone or another model need to be sat far back to get the bonus. This then counters her need to be handing out harvester tokens and being the condition sponge.


Like some many of the Sowers in the farmers she is a supportive player that can really help the team out. She obviously brings some Harvest which is important and her condition sponge thing is really helpful against certain teams.

Try not to fall into the trap of Get in the Goal unless you are happy with playing defensively with her (or another model), as it is too easy to get round (with tap-in) or the good strikers aren’t going to be as worried about hitting the higher number.

She is a great defensive model, but she can bring a lot of damage momentously to the board.

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