Muck Spreading the Farmers – Tater

It’s the bonny lad of the team in the great shape of Tater.


He is pretty fast (just above average), while his TAC and KICK are average as well as his DEF (but no ARM). He also brings a smaller amount of INF than average but his maximum is average.


Charmed (female) – The girls find it harder to hit that sweet face, everyone else doesn’t have an issue. Thankfully in Guild ball the sex split is pretty even so you will get some mileage out of this.

Fork Off – While near a harvest marker he gains counter charge which means he can really lock down a nice area of the board as no-one will want to get hit by him.

Making it Rain – First time we have seen this, as part of parting blow he can use character play playbook results which is pretty nasty.

Sweeping Charge – On a charge if he uses one of the damage results all models in his melee zone suffer 3 damage which is very nasty and allows him to really load up on the damage.


A nice playbook which generates a decent amount of momentum (4/5 columns) all of it is damage dealing as well. He does have some pushes should he need them he also has a Tackle but no knockdown.


Cropping – Costs 0 INF, Remove a harvest marker to get a small heal. Very handy way of using a team resource instead of using momentum.

Mow down – Costs 1 Guild Ball (3 hits), really nasty ability as you get to knock down the target but also all other models in his melee zone.


He is a great little hitter that will do a decent amount of damage in a turn while also handing out a lot of knockdown in the right situation. Combine this with Counter Charge and he is a tricky model to deal with. Who can really hurt any team that clumps up, he is going to be a popular choice.

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