Muck Spreading the Farmers – Buckwheat

When you need a mascot you better bring some carrots and no seaside rides this time! Its Buckwheat time.


Pretty average movement for a mascot, he does have OK TAC as is his DEF (no ARM though). His KICK is unusual as his dice pool is average for a mascot but he has a huge range (striker levels). He doesn’t bring any INF to the board either which is not great but his maximum is pretty low anyway.


Ass kicking – After a succseful attack/character play he can once a turn push an enemy he hit directly away from him. It’s a decent push so can mess nicely with your opponents placement.

Territorial – If he gets to eat a Harvest Marker he gets to make an attack without spending INF. This means he can actually be a pretty nasty damage dealer.

Stoic – No easy way to push the donkey! Makes sense if only for a fluffy reason!!


A very healthy playbook, all columns generate MP and nealt all of it is damage related. He also has a momentous knockdown. This is one angry donkey to deal with in combat!


Carrot & Stick – Costs 0 INF, if there is a harvest token in range he can eat it and make a free Jog. This means the donkey has one of the best goal threat ranges in the farmers and is worth remembering. Or simply it allows you to keep INF for other players while keeping the donkey relevant.


An angry angry Ass that is going to be a great damage dealer and momentum generator for the team. But he is only as good as the harvest markers on the board so careful place of those is going to be critical to get the most out of him He also makes a pretty decent goal threat as well. But one which will need to bonus time to be really effective

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