Muck Spreading the Farmers – Windle

He is big and he is not too bright but no-one puts Windle in the corner..


He is slow, really slow, like tortoise slow! His TAC is average as is his KICK. His DEF is bad and he has no ARM (wary of he being a momentum bank for your opponent) and like a certain Bear he also brings no INF to the board (and can only use 2).


Berserk – We have seen this before on Boar and Rage, if he causes damage with an attack he gets to swing again for free. Certainly frees up his low INF use.

Big Breakfast – Once a turn, he gets to eat a harvest counter and gains a TAC boost but also gains a point of INF. Worth noting this is not allocating INF so one of the few ways to go above your maximum in the game. This is huge and possibly showcases the reap/sow thing for the farmers the best.

Stop Slacking – Average aura that allows him to make a dodge if a friendly model ends an advance within the aura. If you can get the whole team ending nearby during the turn he actually becomes incredibly fast. But also allows some repositioning during the turn to better suit where he is needed.

Hale & Hearty – When he drops below a certain HP, any damage causing playbook results against him will not generate momentum. This certainly is interesting as he suddenly stops being a major momentum bank for you opponent unless they go for other choices. (worth noting if he does and comes on with his ice sponge this trait will be activated at that level).


A healthy playbook but one that is only OK on the momentum generation (3/6 columns). He also has the dreaded no momentum on column 1 as well, he is only going to be fully effective with a harvest token in his belly so keep that in mind. He brings some pushes which are always useful for getting a problem away. He does have some nice momentous damage  and also relatively easy access to Knock down. His tackle is going to be tricky to get usually but that is not really what he is about.


Snack Break – Costs 1 INF or 1 guild ball (2/5 hits), this gives him a nice heal and also allows him to gain an additional VP if he takes out an opponent. Anything that boosts VP is always going to be really helpful.


Deceptively fast model but does need help getting there. He does bring some healthy damage dealing especially as he can kick out a lot of attacks when up and running with a harvest token.

But be very careful with his placement as he is going to be such an easy target for your opponent. Make sure they don’t want to stay near him with the damage he can hand out (and the VP he can gain). He is more scalpel than hammer who is going to be stood around for a long time (with all that health) so use him a such.

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