Muck Spreading the Farmers – Peck

Let the feathers fly…Its time for a bit of gentle Peck(ing)!


Her speed is decent about average for a Mascot, as well as her TAC and KICK. Really good DEF but no ARM which would have been funny.. INF generation and maximum is average for a mascot as well..

Heroic Play

When the Cock Crows – A normal sized pulse that allows you to remove Knock-down from friendly models. Very Momentum efficient if you can catch multiple models for this, the additional dodge if they stand up as well is just even nicer. A great Heroic Play that saves Teamwork momentum uses for something else.


Fertiliser – This helps keep the Farmers play style going, if she is taken out then you can place a harvest marker close to where she was squished..

Pain Response – If she takes damage from an enemy play/attack she gets a free dodge. This will generally help keep her out of too much trouble.


A very small play book but she does bring some momentum damage which on the charge could get you some wraps and so generate a healthy amount of momentum. She shouldn’t be in combat really..


Cocky – Costs 1 INF or 1 guild ball (2 hits), allows you to let a friendly model ignore the next condition placed on it. (except the taken out condition). Pretty powerful ability against certain teams and will certainly make her a target for your opponent.


A great support piece who shouldn’t need to much INF from the team as the most power is in her Heroic Play. More so against certain teams/builds. Her Cocky play is also very nice and worth always having an INF on her just in case it looks like a model is going to be taking something nasty from your opponent

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