Muck Spreading the Farmers – Bushel

When you are starting a new team, you need someone that can carry the team possibly in some sort of container…..Its Bushel!


She is average speed but her TAC is rubbish, while her KICK is pretty healthy, not quite super striker level but still good. Her DEF is great as well but she has no ARM. Now her INF is really unusual he only brings 1 INF to the board which is bad but she can carry the normal maximum!


Protected (Harrow) – As long as she stays nearly named model she gets some ARM, which is really nice with his high DEF as well.

Cabbage Punt – As part of the farmer Reap & Sow idea, she gets to remove a nearby Harvest token and he gets to re-roll failed kicks for the rest of the turn. This makes her a pretty nasty goal scorer but also Snap shots become a lot more predictable if you are re-rolling when you fail. A second bit of the cherry if you will. A very interesting trait to have around.


A small playbook and one that doesn’t do a lot of Momentum for you (2/5 columns). She does have access to an early Tackle  and some damage (some of it momentous) as well as some dodges which is always helpful. A relatively meh playbook on the face of it but is the only way to get one of her play off.


I’m Open – Costs 2 INF, this allows you to get the ball of a friendly model who has already activated or has no INF to pass. Also helps up her movement with some Teamwork tricky which pushes his goal-threat range to nasty level.

Balls Gone – Costs 2 Guild Balls (3 hits), this allows her to take the ball of an enemy model (not a tackle so no close control triggered) and then pass it to a friendly model. Lots of potential as you can get the ball moving in your favour. IF she could do this without the charge then she is going to have access to a lot of movement options.


A goal scorer that is certainly not a linear option, she is a typical goal scorer that is going to need help from the team, like with the help of harvest markers she is going to be pretty nasty as re-rolling Kicks which should mean more success than you would normally see.

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