So I survived my first Dark Age event and I came last….Wooooooooooo a Spoon 🙂

Honestly I enjoyed my 3 games and if not for 2 dice rolls I may have got some wins in, honest!

Game 1 vs Air Caste; This was a first go against Dragryi and also against the infamous Yovanka. In the end I couldn’t deal with her side-step and I wasnt fast enough (perhaps not aggressive enough) to deal with the Air Caste and I came away 6-10 down.

Game 2 vs Outcasts(Slavers); very tit-for-tat game which was particularly high on the kill count in which I lost 9-10. But came down to initiative roll, win that and I could have claimed a secondary mission to put me to 10! But alas I failed and Cabbie went down to 2 critical hits to take the game away from me.

Game 3 vs Forsaken (Saint Luke); another brutal game which had exploding firestorms and who doesn’t love a firework show! In the end my supreme war captain if he could have passed an above average armour save he would have survived Luke and been able to claim me some Secondary objectives but alas it was not to be and I went down 7-10.

Cabbie died in every game and I knew he was a risk as he just draws so much firepower his way but I have never seen him go down so often, the tank wasnt so tanky for this time.

I am looking forward to more events for Dark Age in the future and I have some Dragryi and Skarrd to get painted up and playing.

Games This Week

No other games this week I am afraid.

Hobby This Week

Work continues with the death guard, with some of the transports and tanks getting some love. I have also been on a basing mission trying to get my scenic bases ready for when I actually build some models..

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