Skinning the Hunters – vHearne

The grumpy old man is back and this time he is tired…well I assume he is tired if he is moving around when the moon is up!!


He is big man slow as you would expect, his TAC is average and his KICK is also average, his DEF is meh but he does come with some ARM. He also brings the average amount of INF but can’t use as much.


Winters Blessing – Grants him with a boost to his movement while he is in rough ground. Coupled with Light footed it makes him have a much better threat range. So worth using this as much as possible when you can.

Lunar Eclipse – Any place in the game is powerful, one that can happen multiple times is scary. If the enemy model suffers damage from Hearne while it is snared he gets to be placed within 1” of the model. This allows him to move around easily and also grants additional movement he would normally have. In theory you could allow him to jump from model to model with his reach to get where he wants.

Light footed – Means he doesn’t need to worry about terrain which is a great help as he is an old man.


Decent playbook for him with good MP generation (4/5 columns although that 1 is in at the 1 position which is frustration when the dice fail). He has easy access to both knock down and tackle (both early and momentous). He also has a handy double push and also some momentous damage. Which is always nice.


Skewered – Costs 1 INF or 2 guild balls (5 hits), we have seen this before on his first version so is the nasty 3 DMG and also handing out Snared, generally he is only getting this on the charge due to its location unless he spends the INF.

Last Night – Costs 0 INF, a pretty nice play that sort of borrows from the Blessing of the Sun Father. It allows a model to use a character play by spending Momentum instead of INF. Possibly situation but if you are high on MP or low INF this is still a pretty powerful play to have around as an emergency. Does need some planning on who would get the most out of it. But otherwise pretty nasty.


The old man has turned from the sun father but he has kept a lot of his movement tricks even though his base move is still bad.

As always time to look at a comparison between his two versions, the stats are more or less the same, the only difference is vHearne getting more INF which is always nice.

Their playbooks are pretty similar as well, with Hearne having a Guild Ball to trigger Singled out. There is a change-up on where the results are however, vHearne has both Tackle and Knockdown much earlier in the playbook but Skewered (2 guild balls) is still at the far end of the book. They both however suffer from the dreaded no momentum on column 1 though..

Hearne has his heroic for free character plays while brings the play to allow you spend MP instead of INF so slight version in play for them there. Both versions have movement high-jinx but both ways are very different and offer different thought processes about how best to use him.

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