As you read this today I will be taking part in my first event of the year :O and also my first Dark Age event ever!

Now Dark age is having a bit of resurgence recently and locally is kicking off in a pretty decent style and hopefully this will be one of many event locally.

So I have 2 factions Kukulkani (K3) and the Dragryi Air Caste, alas the Dragryi are not in a fit state of painting to be seen outside. So that means it has to be my first love the K3 and all their death magic funs.

The tournament is a 4 round 500pt day so that means I must have a 500pt list with a 150pt sideboard if I wish. Which means I need a pretty robust list but rather than over thinking things I can take most of what I own give or take. So here are my choices and why;


I have spent a long time deciding if to take him or not due to his points cost. What swung it in the end was the games are short (an hour) and I haven’t had too many games and no idea what I will see on the table plus never played some of the new missions. So I needed smaller lists to stop me going insane and being too slow. So dropping 2/5 of the points on one model made sense. Never mind he is a beast, brings free bio-energy every turn and great fun to have around and an amazing model J

Devoted Priest

He is a pretty cheap activation but also lets me play around with the K3 rituals hopefully helping ping the right models with the right things. Also should Cabbie go down I have someone who can use all that bio-energy.

Supreme War Captain

Everyone needs a leader and he can do some work for me if he gets in the right place. The only issue is he is pretty expensive but can go about unsupported to a certain extent.


I need a super cheap activation in the list with all the beasts I can have in it plus he can help as a little scheme runner that people could ignore.

2 K3 Warriors

Gives me some more activations with guys that can hit pretty hard if I need them to, yes they die to a stiff breeze but then most things do!


Doom Seer

For when I want some speed or just extra chances of critical hits plus it’s a fun model.


Much like his friend, he is cheap but also helps me balance the numbers a little.

Devoted Priest

Toss-up between a priest or a warrior, in the end went with a priest as the extra rituals on the board may be helpful.

On the whole I imagine I will be running the list I have, unless I need numbers then the War Captain gets dropped for the Doom Seer and Priest. Or if I think I need speed I can add in the Doom Seer and Harvester for the K3 Warriors.

So I do have some options, just a question of do I make the right calls at the right time 🙂

Games This Week

Did manage a cheeky play though of WWX which was pretty brutal and good fun, so looking forward to the full release in September for that.

Hobby This Week

Work continues with the death guard, I now have the BoP box so have the terrifying job of a 20man tac unit to do. That is going to be challenging, we also don’t talk about the nearly 1500 points of Custodes I appear to have collected OOPS!!

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