Skinning the Hunters – Ulfer

Pretty sure Ulfer is what happens when someone eats too much raw meat..


He has average speed, below average TAC but his DEF is average (but no ARM). His KICK is about average as is his INF. Unusually his playbook is much longer than his basic TAC but this is dealt with in this abilities.


Light footed – Means he doesn’t need to worry about terrain which is a great help to one of the better goal threats in Hunters.

Blood scent – A great ability that means if he damages an enemy model he gets a boost to his KICK brining him into the striker stat range which brings his threat range to 19”!

Lone Hunter – While he is not within 4” of a friendly model he gains a TAC bonus which means he can start to hit those higher playbook choices. So if he wants to join up with his friemds, he is going to need singled out on the board to help him out.

Ambush – A new ability for the game and a powerful one, if he charges then the enemy model needs to spend more MP to activate Defensive Stance. Which makes it a tougher choice to take a hit on the MP count or accept the hit (especially as if placed right he can avoid counter attacks with his dodges).


An interesting playbook, which does OK MP generation (3/5 columns). He has plenty of access to dodges while he also has some tackles although momentous one will be tough to get without a charge or if he is on his own! He does a little bit of damage but he is all about the dodges.


Where’d They Go – Costs 1 INF or 1 GB (2 hits), This makes him pretty nippy and not a terrible goal threat as well which is always handy to have. But can also get him out of trouble for little cost.


A lone wolf for the hunters who is a little bit of a damage dealer but really he is a striker who has the potential to score from distance away (one of the best in the team). He does nicely go about as a scalpel for the team but rather than heavily cut the team. He is going for the ball, he really likes what Skatha brings to the table as she can make him so much faster especially with the extra dodges she gives to him.

Overall a great striker that is less on training wheels as Mist and Flint.

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