State of the Union (S3) – sBrisket

The first Seasoned player of the game and they chose Brisket! They are stealing my bad puns dammit!!


She is pretty fast not fish fast but she is not bad. Her TAC is average as is her DEF (with some ARM) and average captain INF generation. She has a decent KICK as well. So overall pretty average for a captain but it’s her abilities that make her tasty.

Legendary Play

Worthy Sacrifice – Interesting legendary, you can place (which is incredibly powerful before anything else) Brisket into base contact with a friendly model. The model then gets to make a large dodge, this has many possibilities that we couldn’t flag them up here but some obvious ones is allowing her to get a friendly model into a nice snap shot position but you could just as easy move a model that is in a spot of bother from being taken out, to just increasing a friendly model threat range. Imagine Fangtooth being 6” up the board in a position you opponent is not going to like.


Unpredictable Movement – Great defensive tech available to any model but be wary she only has 1” melee so anything with 2” will eat her up and spit her out!

Scores for Fun – Reduces her target number for goals during her activation. Which means if she gets near the goal for a tap-in she is laughing.

Goal of the Month – Allows her to get a Screamer if she gets any 2 successful dice rather than just 6s. Which makes going for bonus time shots MP neutral for her which is pretty powerful.


Decent playbook for her with good MP generation (4/5 columns although that 1 is in at the 1 position which is frustration when the dice fail). She does bring a little bit of damage from her butcher days but as a goal scorer she needs those dodges and she gets plenty of them. While a low momentous tackle (with dodge) is going to be very strong for her.


I’m Open – Costs 2 INF, She can make a friendly model pass her the ball for no INF cost. This is pretty strong as someone can collect the ball and not have enough INF to do anything with it. Along comes Brisket to get the ball from them and is it is a pass she can use teamwork plays from the generated momentum helping increase her threat range.

Route One – Costs 2 INF, This can make her incredibly fast as it grants a free jog towards and enemy with the ball. Can give her a huge threat range (which is non-linear), people wont want to hold the ball anywhere near her to slow her down. Which is going to be tricky with a 12” bubble around her.

With Aplomb – Costs 2 Guild Balls (4 hits), the next time she scores a goal you gain an additional VP. This is huge and very powerful, although the dream is to get this in her activation for the easier chance of a goal. Although as it isn’t activation only she can become pretty powerful for snap shots as well. 5 VP goals are something that are going to terrify your opponent use this to your advantage as they try to play around when this is up.


A goal-scoring machine, that doesn’t grant much for her team outside a legendary push and access to some team work pushes if they pass the ball to her. Her goal threat is scary and allows potential turn 1 goals, she is as scary as Shark. She allows for a pretty balanced Union team in that herself and one or two models can deal with the ball with the others smash face or just slow the opposition down.

A selfish captain but one that can more or less win the game single-handed. A scary prospect to deal with.

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6 thoughts on “State of the Union (S3) – sBrisket

  1. And another detail:
    She can make Mist faster if he stands 6inch next to her.
    i know its not a skill of her, but when you see her crazy goal-thread potential and add the fact that she can make another goalhunter even more faster you can to a
    1 and 1/2 pure goal scoring game with that nasty Tag-Team

    1. And I forget: add Grace to that nasty Tag-Team you have 3 superfast and more than solid goal scorers

        1. True, with Grace I was one step ahead of your great articles.
          Anyways, with Cap-Brisket the extra trait of Mist now finaly makes sense…in a serious disturbing scoring sense 😀
          PS: For grace I would wait until its really safe for which guild she lowers herself and plays for

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