Tinkering the Engineers (S3) – Locus

I feel with the engineers we need to focus on one spot….Say hello to Locus


He is slow, normal big guy slow, his TAC is average. His DEF is meh but he does bring 2 ARM which is good and his INF is average. His standout stat is his healthy KICK for a big guy although like all engineers the distance is not amazing but he should succeed most of the time.


Gravity Well – An unusual ability when an enemy ends an advance engaging him, he can push them towards him. This does allow you to mess slightly with your opponent’s location. However a canny opponent can use this against Locus so be weary of it.

Reanimate – Seen on plenty of the Engineers, just means he is that little bit harder to take out and a little bit more of an INF sink against the hitty teams.

Stoic – Allows him to ignore the first push he suffers each turn, has it uses but more effective against certain models.


He has plenty of momentum generating choices (all columns have MP), easy access to knock down as well as lots and lots of pushes, he can also cause some damage although it will not be picked often if you want momentum. He also has access to a momentous tackle (with a push) which could be very handy to get the ball and then stop all retaliation.


Destructive Impulse – Costs 2 INF, The target suffers some damage and also a push. A nice way of freeing up Locus or just messing with enemies location. While the damage is a nice little bonus.

Remote Control – Costs 2 INF, Allows you to target a free ball and make a kick from the point of the ball. This is such an interesting play as the ball could be free from kick-off or after a goal. This makes him a nice choice to dealing with this play (and your opponent will need to play round it).


An amazing looking model, who certainly brings plenty of MP generation to the team and of course more knock downs and pushes (for when minefield is up). What really stands out for him is Gravity Well which although situation has the potential to mess just a little with opponents positioning and in a game where positioning is king it could be big.

His plays are really nice although Remote Control is not going to happen too often unfortunately. While Destructive Impulse is better when Gravity Well has done its job. Although situational it is always worth remembering that a certain other team member can borrow these plays to make the possible utility much greater.

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