So any news this week? nothing springs to mind really…..well except new 40K and it’s not like the internet will be going crazy bonkers for that right?

So far I am liking what I am seeing, obviously with this drip feed of news we are going to see many panics along the way but hopefully the full rules will drop soon (June maybe).

On first look we are going to be seeing a mix of AoS and 40K rules which is only a good thing as I love the AoS rules and from the look of things the bloat is going as well. 5 books on release to cover on the major allegiances? Plus free rules and I think everyone is going to be pretty happy.

This leads onto what I am planning for 40K my Eldar are sold to make way for a 30K Death Guard army and all the shiny that brings (thankfully with the plastic boxes it now brings it just into my price range). But this also offers my a lot of scope into 40K I can just keep them as-is and use as space marines with no issue. However the plan is to keep them as Death Guard (especially with the new models) but not nurgle up the troops keeping them as they will look for 30K. I will be adding in Nurgle characters for 40K though and particular troop choices 30k/40k that I can’t really ‘count-as’ across the range I will pick up more than likely. Say things like the Helldrake cool model but nothing in 30K matches so I may get one of them.

Now the fluff behind this is that only characters gain the blessing of Nurgle to become fat/mutant while rank and file marines are in a way similar to 1k sons, they are locked into place as they appeared at the time of the Heresy.

Games This Week

No games this week, been pretty mental..

Hobby This Week

Been jumping around lately with my painting, managed to finish off a couple of bits like my gremlins. Hopefully can start my first DG unit this week :O

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