So the biggest news for me personally this week is Death Guard 🙂

My word they are sexy and for those that have seen me squirming on Twitter I love me some Nurgle and the possibility to get some models and get converting is going to be hard to resist!!

Then we had all the rumours about 8th edition 40K from Adeticon. The grumpyness on the various groups on FB has been strong VERY strong but I am approaching the new edition with hope. Hope, that they at least go partly down the AoS route as dam the game is fun. Should it be played seriously competitive possibly not but the games I have played have been great.

So what has caused the madness, well I am going to give my 2pence worth for those that care…

Movement Stat is back – I welcome this, a number instead of multiple rules in my mind is much much easier!

Generals Handbook is coming – Makes sense they like to keep a link between the games (no jokes about sigmarines) and the AoS version was well received.

Armour Save modifiers – This I like very much like Rend, but also adds to the randomness of the game that GW like. As every so often a Guard will manage to save against a Lascannon as it hits his lucky dog tags 😉

Combat Phase – Chargers strike first makes sense to me they have the momentum of the charge behind them. Obvisouly power fists may see some tweaks to adjust or Eldar/Genestealers get a boost of some description.

Morale – Now like bravery in AoS or Fearless rules, I like this as it sort of makes sense. You lose combat capabilities as you lose men but each man is still the same. In the 40K universe is anyone really going to run away unless it is a tactical option?

Now in isolation some of these things are going to be nuts with the current rules but come on we all sort of know much will change. I hopefully expect the same as in AoS rules become free and so will all the models stats. As we have Warscrolls/Datasheets now and for me they work really really well..

Mat KS

Dont forget to back the small guy with our sponsor doing his Mat KS 🙂

Games This Week

Only half a game this week due to timings but did manage to get the masons on the board, it was very odd going back to a classic S1 build of a team. Did enjoy it and there is plenty that Honour can bring to the table. More games needed before I become even remotely comfortable with the blue boys and girls.

Hobby This Week

Some AoS painted in fact my treelord is finished, I am back on the Faux painting and with my beloved gremlins as well :O

Make sure you check out my sponsors the best malifaux shop around and also carrier of many other shiny things 🙂 all at a great price. Please order using the link below I get a warm glow and hopefully we get a bricks and mortar store sooner 😉


Discuss awaaaaayyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy

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