So couple of cool pieces of news this week, the Relic Knights KS is funded with oodles of free shit added to it!! Like 100s of dollars worth of stuff.

Next we have news that the UK finally has a distributor for CMON again which means Dark Age is going to have a supply line again. This is amazing news like super duper news. Especially with the new boxes instead of blister boxes that have been shown off for Forsaken and soon to see for other factions. The future is looking dark 😀

We also got to see the Farmers Guild in the wild which was pretty cool. The pre-built models I will admit is still a hang up of mine and don’t get me started on the brown they picked I hope that isn’t the final colour 🙂 The models themselves look pretty good although the big guy is an odd pose, but that could well be camera angles! Be interesting to see how they play and don’t forget you have a chance to win a team before any else with WAAC – waac-ing the crops

Finally Dwarves, Flying Dwarves, Flying Steampunk Dwarves.. Well these are certainly different compared to what has come before not just in WFB but in AoS in general. Very different and very cool!! The airship looks like it could be a bugger to transport but pretty cool still, while the units are nice but it is the jump pack dwarves that have me excited they look amazing!

Question is how bigger a drop are they going to be? from what I have seen it looks like 2/3 airship types, 3 maybe 4 units and some characters so about on par with the Fyreslayers and the Slyvaneth. Suppose the question is when will we see the dispossessed dwarves or are they just classic dwarves now really? And is it all about the mini-factions now that are done in 1 or 2 drops, and maybe a round-up book in 12 months or so. Like the Stormcast that in theory you could say have had 3 sub factions combined and more to come I am sure as they open more of the chambers.

Mat KS

Dont forget to back the small guy with our sponsor doing his Mat KS 🙂

Games This Week

No games this week, such is life though hopefully a couple lined up next week.

Hobby This Week

Continuing the AoS kick I have been painting up more of my Stormcasts and Slyvaneth as well!!! I know who would imagine me being on a big push of GW stuff 🙂

Make sure you check out my sponsors the best malifaux shop around and also carrier of many other shiny things 🙂 all at a great price. Please order using the link below I get a warm glow and hopefully we get a bricks and mortar store sooner 😉


One thought on “Beared-itorial

  1. In terms of WAAC-ing the Farmers that ends next week, what are you going to do in regards to the donators who made gifts on different currencies? Will you be putting them through an exchange rate to determine the amount of tickets that individual gets? I realize that with the most recent donation, someone interested in winning the models just gifted in US Dollars, which is worth maybe three-fourths of a British Pound before any currency exchange percentage fees if I recall.

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