Building the Masons (S3) – Granite

When you need a polished stone you may as well have a hard one.. Its time for some Granite.


She is the slowest model in the game, on par with a Tortoise!!! Her TAC is pretty good. While her DEF is poor but she does have some decent ARM. Her KICK is OK but she isn’t scoring goals with that movement stat generally. Her INF is the usual average for the game.

Character Traits

Determination – When she is engaged by 2 or more models she gains a boost to her DEF. Still pretty easy to hit but it does help.

Foundation– At the start of the game she may make a free jog before INF is allocated. This means that if she spirits she can move the same distance as most models the first turn (average 8”)

Sturdy – Once per turn she ignores the first Knock down she suffers which helps when she is so easy to hit.

Between a Rock – A healthy aura around her, once a turn when another friendly model takes damage from a play or attack. She gets to make a free jog, so if placed right she is actually faster than she looks but it is dependent of the enemy helping you out.


She doesn’t bring lots of Momentum (only half her columns) but it is all situated at the early side of the book. She has an early Knock down and does do some nice damage across the book. She does have access to pushes but no dodges which makes sense really.


Gut and String – Costs 1 Guild Ball (3/5 hits) – We have seen this Shark and Jaecar. Hands out a big MOV buff and also a DEF debuff as well. Which is always nasty..

Tar Pit – Costs 1 INF or 1 Guild Ball (3/5 hits) – Enemy models within the aura (reasonable size due to her base size) count as being in rough ground. Helps slow a lot of models down to her speed which is cool idea. Unfortunately this is perhaps a little situational as her placement is key to getting legs out of this.


A really slow player that can surprise the opponent if they start handing out damage to your players. As any free movement is great to have, she is a tarpit (literally in some cases) but as she is slow and also slows down the opposition she is probably not going to be good to use against fishermen. She brings the debuff of the likes of Casket and Fangtooth but she needs to activate early to get the most out of it (and spending of INF but makes sense as it only affects enemy models).

She does represent a good wall for the masons to use to stop the enemy going anywhere near the goal. You will need to really think about placement with her as your opponent will probably want to play around her than go through her use this to your advantage.

Discuss awaaaaayyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy

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