Fermenting the Brewers (S3) – Pint pot

Whenever you need a little help in a bar brawl you reach for the pint pot…..


He is average speed, his TAC is pretty good. While his DEF is meh and he has some ARM. His KICK is mediocre as well but that is not what he is about…

He unusually brings the average amount of INF but that is also his maximum as well.

Character Traits

Rowdy – Both a great thing to have and a bad thing as he doesn’t gain any boosts from Gang Up but he also ignores crowding out. So he is always going to be swinging with most of his TAC (cover still works). Worth noting that he still helps with ganging up though.

Six Pack – A great rule very much in theme with the brewers. Pint Pot starts the game with 6 beer tokens. He can use a maximum of 3 in a turn. They allow him swing without INF, use his Heroic without MP and also do a character play without the INF spending. Using these right will be the tricky thing about him, as you could front load them and really go to town early game or be more frugal with them to get more out of Pint Pot for the entire game.


He brings a decent amount of Momentum generation with the usual shorter than TAC that we see from a lot of Brewers.

His knock down is actually hard to get to for a Brewer but he is more about the damage output without it. He has access to both pushes and dodges (all dodges are non-momentous though). He can hand out a decent about of damage but really he will need the help of Tooled Up and the like to make him really scary.

Heroic Play

Come on Then! – Next time he is hit with an enemy attack or play he gets to ignore it (parting blows still happen), this means he can actually have a sort of gluttonous mass once he has activated. Helps loads once he has drank his beer and can easily take fewer hits back…Well if the enemy is still standing.


Concussion – Costs 2 Guild Ball (4 hits) – We have seen this on other models like Boar and Rage. The targeted model loses a point of INF. Which means you could remove 5 INF from a target. This can really hurt any team particularly those that have ‘super captains’. Suddenly Shark is going to struggle to do his super striker act. Fillet can’t kill as much etc.. Obviously without his beer he is only going to manage 2 INF removal which is still not terrible.

Smashing Face – Costs 2 INF – All models in his melee zone (decent size due to 40mm base) suffer some DMG and also the bleed condition. Has the potential to be pretty nasty especially if done late in the turn as that equates to 5 DMG, which is nothing to be sniffed at.


So we have an unusual damage dealer for the brewers, he can really be incredibly nasty for 2 turns or you can make his beer last a bit longer. He does still gain the bonus from friendly plays so Tooled Up and the like is going to help him loads (and make him terrifying). With that up he can one activation a lot of models in the game which is very much like the butchers.

Pick his fights well as he is usually going to be going alone (as he wont get bonuses anyway), but anyone already knocked down or other DEF reduction (looks at Friday) he is going to enjoy hitting.

He is certainly a good INF battery for Tapper as he can get the INF back with Old Jakes, but saying that with Esters he is going to be more of a damage threat. Basically wind him up and let him punch himself to a stand still.

Discuss awaaaaayyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy

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