So the death of 40K as we know continues 🙂 this time with the Eldar models.. Boy do they look sexy! So of the stuff I am hearing certainly has me excited and look forward to see what else happens as Grumpy Boy heads towards Terra.

Other news is a new KS for Relic Knights, now I was starting to flirt with the game hadn’t dipped in but was watching from the outside. Now hearing a version 2 is coming by KS is interesting, yes it isn’t a CMON led one so the madness of the first one may not happen.

However the name still leads to cries on Twitter occasionally because of that first one so not sure how people will judge not it is Ninja Division doing the leg work. Time will tell, I probably wont be backing because I never usually do KS but I shall continue to watch 😉

Games This Week

No games this week due to work and the like but I do have a fun packed Sunday coming up with much madness to be had.

Hobby This Week

Back painting Ressers after a long break as I have not had the time. So hopefully I can get a wriggle on with them now. Just waiting on magnets as well so I can finish off my DFC fleets ready for a lick of paint on them as well.

Make sure you check out my sponsors the best malifaux shop around and also carrier of many other shiny things 🙂 all at a great price. Please order using the link below I get a warm glow and hopefully we get a bricks and mortar store sooner 😉


Discuss awaaaaayyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy

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